New Toyota Prius Campaign 2016

The New Toyota Prius is finally here! We were asked to shoot the car in a variety of locations, showing off the lower wider stance and the hard yet sleek lines. We were lucky enough to receive this car in RED making the images pop a little more. The essential appeal here lies in its fuel economy, with an impressive EPA combined rating of 52 mpg for the standard car. First introduced in 1997 with a rather hideous looking model, I stand to be corrected, but I think the 2016 Prius is the fourth generation to arrive in South Africa. Along with the sleek lines, the interior complements and finishes of the car in an unique and stylish way. Its really mind blowing when looking at the spec sheet but most importantly, the car is dead quiet! South Africa was however misfortunate not to have received the better looking Prius with alloy wheels. Here are some images from the shoot including some behind the scenes for those who are interested:

     campaign 2016 automotive photographer

Toyota Prius Professional Photographer

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Toyota Campaign Photographer

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