New Lexus RC 350 Sport

I ad the privilege of picking up the new Lexus RC 350 Sport and driving it for a week. Ok, so in between driving this luxury sports coupe I also had to do my job and take some awesome pics of it. Yes, I know, tough life right? I enjoyed the looks, the head turning, and the occasional wink here and there, but seriously, this car was a dream to drive as well as to photograph. I wouldn’t say it was the most sportiest thing under the sun but still a good smooth ride. Definitely handles and sounds better in Sports plus mode. So here are some brief tech specs: As mentioned before not the quickest car off the starting block at 0-100km/h in 6.3 seconds; 8 speed gearbox with a rear wheel drive; adaptive variable suspension and variable gear ratio steering; lane-departure assist. The Lexus also retains the beautiful spindle grille highlighting the models ancestral “F” logo, strengthening the cars sense of width. Check out the final edits on the work content page of Smith And Daniels.


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