The Mechanic

I often pass the British Sports Car shop wondering what it would be like to photograph a portrait in there. Well, today I stopped by and introduced myself to a gentleman by the name of Graham. Now let me paint a picture for you. Inside you will find plenty of Jaguar spare parts. But more importantly you’ll find some rather rare Jaguars being renovated and restored. My favourite is the Jaguar E-Type, which is in pieces. Graham informed me that it will be fully restored to its former and original glory. Upon entering the shop you are instantly greeted with the smells of rich leather the sounds of classical music and my favourite, the smell of tobacco being smoked from a pipe. When I approached Graham he wasn’t too keen on the idea of my photographing him, but after much convincing he finally agreed. So we snapped away for about two and a half hours, but the best image for me was the racing driver shot. Graham had his old racing helmet in his office. He actually used it years back when he was racing for manufacturers such as Ferrari and Jaguar. The set up was a simple one. With one Elinchrom Octabox from the front, dead on, and then one light behind him flashing the work desk. With Graham wearing his helmet and holding an image of him racing years ago, I felt this was the best image out of the series. I have since visited him a couple more times, listening to stories of amazing car restorations and friends with some rather rare cars. I have since also entered the image in one of Orms’s competitions and Won. There were no prizes unfortunately, but more just for bragging rights. The image of Graham also won photo of the day on Fstoppers. Have a look at the final product under the Portrait section on Smith And Daniels.


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