First Car Rental

Studio days are always a great environment to be in. I like the fact that I can control what I’m shooting and be more meticulous and preciseNot the most glamorous of shoots photographing rental cars. However, First Car rental is a proudly South African company with more than 51 branches. I had the privilege of shooting their sales cars. Once again, Adrian Grant Smith was behind the editing of these cars. Lets not forget to mention how much I enjoy photographing at Park Bench Studios. From three phase, which handles all six of our lights with no problem down to the enormous size of the studio which can accommodate vehicles the size of busses! Im looking forward to shooting for First Car Rental again in the near future. Here are some behind the scenes shots for your interest – the final image is on top of this intro – and for now stay tuned to all the going-ons here at Smith&Daniels


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