Change is good

So after many years of using my very faithful Canon camera, the time came to make that giant leap.

I have been using Canon for some time now, well, a long time!  I’ve always had a very soft spot for Nikon.  There has always been something that has drawn me to their equipment, but I’ve never been able to make that leap. Let me just clear it up though, each brand, Canon and Nikon are amazing. This was not an easy decision. No, this was more than just a brand thing, this was about taking my career to another level and pushing more boundaries. This was about squeezing every bit of detail out of the commercial images I take. I wanted something that would change the way my images were produced by the camera and were able to be processed more effectively.

My decision included factors such as dynamic range, high ISO, right down to the smaller things that just made up what Nikon could offer. So, the question is, did it all work out?

Yes, my very first shoot was with the green De Longhi toaster you’ve seen on my website. Immediately I saw a difference in detail and clarity. In the shadows there was detail!  I noticed how much this camera was enabling me to change what I thought was impossible.  I saw this again when shooting portraits for Standard Bank. Yes, Nikon is not for everyone, yes Canon is not for everyone, but don’t get me wrong, both brands are exceptionally good in their own special way.

Unpacking my new Nikon D810

Nikon Camera Unpack

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