2016 Toyota Corolla Interior

I was commissioned to carry out an interior shoot at Toyota South Africa. I always enjoy shooting something simple yet pleasing. Most interiors of the lower spec’ed cars are predominately drab. In fact to really some it up, this is the eleventh addition to the Corolla line up and nothing much has changed. But thanks to Smith&Daniels re-toucher Adriaan Grant Smith, he made this interior of the Toyota Corolla pop! Have a look at the top of this post. Simple yet effective. Any one who knows Toyota, will know the brand for their simple yet well made cars. Personally, I don’t think I would find myself driving one, but taking photos, now thats different. While in the basement of Toyota we saw the new Lexus NX series along with one of my favourite cars, the Toyota 2000GT! Oh and also the Lexus LFA……no big deal! Haha.


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