About Smith & Daniels

Smith & Daniels is a premium photography and retouching collaboration bringing the very best of both worlds together to create high end media for all print forms.

Specializing in complex work such as advertorial, campaign, automotive, portraits and product photography, the idea behind Smith & Daniels is to provide a premium full service thus mitigating the errors that commonly occur when the job changes hands.

We strive to reinvent brands, creating media and content not only relevant to your product but imagery that promotes and enhances the identity and value of your brand.

Our images are renowned for their originality and influence on customer buying behaviour.

Specialities include:


Innovative setup and location design that best represents the nature of the business, while also capturing the authenticity of the individual.


Applying a wealth of knowledge to create perfect lines, add depth to images and manage reflections while apply effective compositing.

Product photography

Fresh approach to photographing merchandise that enhances its overall feel, texture and functionality. The care and expertise that goes into each image has proven to have a direct impact on the purchasing behaviour of customers.

We look forward to partnering with you to create powerful imagery that will shape the future of your brand.

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Our clients include:

Soviet ClothingDrimacSalomonNew BalanceMilk SolutionsStandard BankKopexToyotaLexusNissanBasil Read